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Outer Moray Firth wind farms get a nod from Highland Councillors

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The need for alternate sources of energy to take over the existing ones is getting stronger day by day. So, one of the most effective ways is to harness wind energy i.e building windmills. Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd is on a mission to construct three offshore wind farms having 339 turbines across 13.5 miles from the Caithess coast that can power one million houses in near future. Aside from being one of its kind, it is the one of largest offshore wind farms as well. This project is worth Euros 4.5 billion and it will address a lot of environmental issues and problems of energy crisis.

Wind farms offer themselves as the most convenient way of harnessing wind energy. When the flowing winds move the blades of the windmill, it, in turn, revolves the turbines attached to its base.  Here energy conversions take place from mechanical to electric energy. Thus, this energy produced can be stored or distributed when required.


However, increasing fishing interest can be represented over the project’s liasions group. This project still has to get the green signal from local authority’s north planning applications committee, but the final say stays with the Scottish government who had sought views of Highland Council’s on the project. The development of major wind farms will yield 1,500 MW of power, for which developers might have to built 189 to 339 turbines over 295 sq kilometer area with blades as high as 204 m.


Moray Offshore Renewable Ltd has submitted plans to government agency Marine Scotland last summer. This project is a joint venture between two firms, namely European firms EDP Renewables (EDPR UK) and Repsol Nuevas Energias UK. Now it’s time to sit back with crossed fingers and wait for the results to be out.

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