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Paper Fashion – Stunning outfits made from magazines

Magazine-Made Dress

Creativity knows no limits. Creative people find their own ways and means to express it in ‘out of box’ ways. Recently, Arts Thread exhibition held a show in which five dresses made entirely from magazine papers were showcased. It was hard to believe that those elegant and trendy dresses were made up of old magazine papers whose destiny, mostly is to go back to trash can after being read. Three designers – Ayumi Morita, Grace Insogna and Hoi Li let their creative juices flow to create these lovely dresses. The designers transformed the paper into lovely dresses by swirling, pleating and folding paper in various ways.

The dresses were initially created for the Designer Pages event in the month of June and after getting rave reviews are now being exhibited by The Wrapping Project, a center for arts, based in east of London. The dresses were created as part of Earl’s Court Festival 2011. The participants in the festival were asked to create dresses entirely made from magazine papers donated by the publishers of the magazines.

The publishers who donated their magazines were – ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Wonderland and Vanity Fair. The dresses were exhibited on various mannequins at a private gallery, situated in Victoria townhouse in Earl’s court. The dresses are now being shown from 11 July to 1 August 2011 at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, London.

All these young and upcoming fashion designers have proved that they can go up on the ladder if provided right opportunities. These dresses are a glaring example.

Via: trendhunter