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Pencils given a bright life in the form of Scribble Pendant Lamp

Scribble Pendant Lamp 1

Sketch a bright picture at your place with the help of Scribble Pendant Lamp. Designed by Jennifer Huang, the dainty and elegant lamp has been created using 256 pencils. Wow! Pencils have existed since ages and are one of the first tools which help a child learn writing. Everyone has fond memories and even the designer had a few from her Edgewood Elementary School. Making apt use of them, she went ahead and created something unique, which will not only illuminate an area but also act as a decoration piece. Jennifer has arranged Ticonderoga Envriostil pencils in an arty manner. The lamp with its vigor will liven up the gloomiest places and pump them with a recycled life.

Scribble Pendant Lamp 2

Different sized pencils were used to give it a spiral space. It looks more like a cane lamp with a lot of gap between two pencils, through which light will flirt with the surroundings it is placed in. It will make you slip back into your school days and the warm light will sprinkle a sense of serenity. Scribble Pendant Lamp looks like a delicate piece of jewelry that will hang from the roof/ceiling of your room. Its material will not harm the environment in any sense and make sure your surroundings remain clean and green. The light has a subtle nature, ensuring the space gets soaked with tenderness and style.

Scribble Pendant Lamp 3

The eco-friendly lamp will collide head on with other entries at the Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition. So, if you like to sketch and doodle then Jennifer Huang’s Scribble Pendant Lamp will sure leave you impressed.

Scribble Pendant Lamp 4

Via: Inhabitat

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