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Penny Jones transforms junk to beautiful sculptures

Art from Junk

Creating sculpture or any kind of art from found objects or junk can be simply termed as junk art. You can obviously create a lot of things from your everyday used items that are normally thrown away as garbage of your house. Objects that are rendered trash to some can make a treasured sculpture by an artist. Using cast-offs like cans, wires, plastic water bottles and other items for artistic creations is a great way to recycle. There are many artists who turn junk into art. Orem based artist Penny Jones is one of them. Dumped object like lids, feathers, bells, kitchen utensils, chains, flashlight cases, corrugated cardboard, watch faces, beads, jewelry, keys, nuts and bolts, various tools and many other such things are converted to fascinating sculpture. She calls this marvelous work as ‘found art’.

Jones creates beautiful artefacts using everyday objects like marbles, metal wires, and waste kitchen utensils, buttons which she gets from recycling centers, junkyards or are also donated to her garage by her neighbors. She was a former art student at Utah Valley University and Columbus College of Georgia. She exhibited her best pieces at SCERA Centre for the Arts in Orem for the second time. Her work is appreciated by every spectator and is curiously gazed at, attempting to know what she used to make it.

Her ‘Found Art’ collection lets in amusing wood assemblages, large murals, wall masks, a farmer’s cart made of cardboard etc. Her metal creations include a warrior, a robot, a gardener, a carriage etc. She has made 40 sculptures of metal which are all a foot tall. She has also built many steam punk vehicles like flying saucers, trains, planes etc. People value her unmatched creativity that is crafted by using materials that would normally be simply thrown away adding to the mounting landfills.

Artists like Penny Jones help to make the world cleaner and more beautiful with their artefacts. When re-inventing, that is creating something out of waste, is added to the regime of the three R’s i.e. recycle, reduce and reuse the opportunity to become more self-sufficient and environmentally conscious is increased. The eco friendly creativeness of the artist above inspires us to live a green life.

Via: Deseret News

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