Perfectly Green and Practical Ways to Recoup and Rejuvenate


An interesting debate now rages over whether or not the United States is the most overworked nation on earth (or something close to that, at least.) While some insist yes, others say no; so, there’s confusion over this issue.

But regardless of how busy and overworked most people are, you just might be a clear fit for that category. If so, you may be looking for some practical and green ways to recoup and rejuvenate after a long, hard day and during whatever vacation time you’ve set aside.

You realize that climbing a tall hill and gazing meditatively at snow-capped Himalayan Mountain Ranges in the distance may indeed be quite helpful, but what about “regular people” who can’t do things like that?

Change the Scenery


One great way to rejuvenate after your long, weary day is to spend your after-work hours in a new, luxurious environment. Take for example the life of ease and luxury at The Atlantic, Atlanta’s premier condominium. A condo like this could change your life with pools, 10-foot-high ceilings, hot tubs, valet parking, a private balcony with a panoramic view of the Midtown. A new, upscale residence with plenty of amenities to pamper yourself with, or even just temporarily while on a vacation, can help you recover and refocus.

Take Your Sleep-time seriously

Regardless of where you live, you can’t expect to reduce stress and recover; so you’re not ready for the day ahead if you don’t consistently get a good night’s rest. Your schedule may preclude an ideal night’s sleep, but need to work on getting the best sleep possible in order to operate at optimal energy levels throughout the day.

Not drinking caffeine after noon, making sleep/wake times as regular as possible, getting plenty of sunshine during the day but keeping it dark just before dozing, napping but only if you need it, exercising daily, and not eating dinner too late in the evening can all help you sleep better.

Set Goals but Reward Yourself

Set goalsAt work and in life, goals are important. Setting a clearly defined goal can help you focus on a specific target and therefore be more likely to hit it. But to avoid exhaustion and depression, set goals that are doable (but challenging) and then reward yourself with a meal out, a day off, or another deposit in your vacation fund.

Never rewarding yourself after working so hard and meeting the demanding goals (or worse, missing them) is a formula for stressing out.

Eat Rejuvenating Foods

What we eat (or don’t eat) can be a big part of why we feel run down. Too much sugar will spike your energy then crash it. Too much caffeine can do the same. Modern processed, high-preservative foods full of artificial ingredients don’t help either.

But (fresh) cruciferous vegetables like broccoli or cabbage will aid in detoxifying your body. Carrot juice can help cleanse your system of “heavy metals” you may have too much of. Lemon juice helps balance phases one and two of the natural liver detox process. Onions help cleanse the blood and clear toxins out of your respiratory tract.

Take Time to Mediate


Spend at least half an hour or more alone each day, meditating on the day’s events. Think of what you accomplished, where you could have done better, and how you plan to improve. Think of all that happened and what you should be thankful for, and even write out a few thank you notes where it seems appropriate.

You really do have to stop and “smell the roses” and take time to reflect on your life, or else it will just pass you by like a whirlwind and you won’t even be aware of what happened.

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