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about perpetual motion machines

In the realm of science, there are many ideas, which are possible and which we are sure that we are going to see in the future. However, on the other hand, there’s also a league of ideas, which are too good to be true. Nevertheless, owing to the huge public interests in such ideas, there’s no dearth of scientists who, like sci-fi writers, try their best to make others believe that these ideas could be true. At present, perpetual motion machines belong to that league of ideas. It is only in the distant future that we would be able to find out whether this idea is realistic or not.

What are perpetual motion machines?

A perpetual motion machine is one that never stops and thus provides energy free of cost. For centuries, scientists and inventors have spent their lives to find a working perpetual motion machine. Every effort went in vain but at times, they came up with novel ideas. Also, the First and Second laws of thermodynamics, as well as the Law of Conservation of Energy, contradict the working principle of a perpetual motion machine. However, there are many theories which suggest that it is possible to make machines which will produce an unlimited supply of energy. People have started conceptualizing these ideas because of the advancement in technology and recent scientific breakthroughs like using magnets as the main material for such machines.

1. Perpetual Generator

Perpetual generator

Currently, it is not possible to make such generator but the search for it is still on. Some inventors have come up with a rough idea about how the perpetual generator will look like and the mechanism behind its working. The devices which utilize magnets for the production of energy are considered to the most promising ones. In fact, they are very close to perpetual generators.

Furthermore, these generators will utilize the natural properties of a magnet. By magnetic properties, we mean the ones because of which a magnet can attract or repel other magnets. They are able to create a magnetic field around themselves. Once entered into this field will make the generator create a kind of continuous and periodic movement. This movement can only be stopped if something which has the ability to destroy the magnetic filed is introduced in the system.

2. Reidar Finsrud perpetual motion machine

Reidar Finsrud perpetual motion machine

Reidar Finsrud, the inventor of the Reidar Finsrud perpetual motion machine is a painter and sculptor. The working of this machine is very simple. It consists of an aluminium track of about 25 inches diameter placed horizontally. A steel ball of about 2.7 inches diameter and about 20 pounds weight rolls continuously on this track. This steel ball has to pass by three horseshoe magnets on the track. These magnets are controlled by three pendulums, each of which is 45 inches long with tunable weights.

A mechanical controlling mechanism which looks like a steel wire is embedded in the track. The ball while rolling over it, pushes this wire down through a slot in the track. Because of this, one of the pendulums is affected, this regulates its swinging motion. Each pendulum has its own controlling mechanism. The timing of the pendulum is so adjusted such that, just before the ball reaches them, the horseshoe magnets are raised towards the ball. Thus, the raising magnets create a wave like motion which pulls the ball around the track.

3. Air-powered perpetual car engine

Air-powered perpetual car engine

This perpetual car engine has been designed by Maruf Karimov who is a high school student in Uzbekistan. The most astonishing feature of this engine is that it is powered by a very unusual kind of fuel, air. This air is filled in a special tank under high pressure and is released into the internal combustion engine. However, you don’t have to worry about the refilling the tank. The tank refills itself automatically and continuously. Therefore, this engine is considered to be perpetual. Maruf even claimed that he has installed his invention in the old car. He drove the same car for several hundreds of meters. Although, the speed was low but still, the success of this engine can’t be neglected. Also, the output of the engine is just a matter of time and effort.

The benefits

Although, perpetual motion machines are an object of lot of research as well as a source of controversies, yet the potential associated with them can’t be neglected at all. They have several long term advantages as a source of power. Just as the wind and solar energy, perpetual motion machines can also be used as an alternative source of power. Even if only a small portion of the real potential of these machines are utilized then also they will prove to much cost-effective than their other counterparts. This is because a perpetual motion machine is capable of emitting energy at no cost at all. You don’t even have to invest a large amount of money in order to harness energy from it. In fact, perpetual motion machines can be rightly termed as the best technological breakthrough of recent times in regards to alternative energy.

The lowdown

The advantages and benefits of a perpetual motion machine can be very attractive but it needs to be understood that it is very difficult to make such machine and gain continuous energy from it. This clearly defies some of the most important laws of science. In fact, first and second law of thermodynamics clearly reject the existence of any such machine. Conceptualizing such a machine is quite easy but turning that idea into reality is never going to be an easy deal.

The impact

We all are going through a phase of energy crisis and this is taking a huge toll on the people. The demand is increasing everyday and the conventional sources of energy, that is the petroleum products are exhausting at a rapid rate. Now people are looking towards alternative sources of energy. Magnetic perpetual machines seems to be the best option available at present. Just imagine, how much relieved you will be if the source that meets all of your energy demands supplies energy for free. Once it has been successfully installed, you just have to look at the maintenance aspect which is negligible. In short, perpetual motion machines have the capability to change the face of the world.

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