How to make a picture frame from recycled paper

make a picture frame from recycled paper

The three R’s could be the solution to tackle the waste problem in countries like the US. There might come a time soon when we might have to fly our waste to the moon as there would be no place left on the earth for it. However, all we need is a change of conscience and plenty and more stuff to do with our waste. We can recycle plastic waste and compost food waste at home. Moreover, as far as many of the other types of waste are concerned, we can turn them into something creative. For example, among other things, you can even make a picture frame from recycled paper and other waste materials.

Recycling and reusing are very important methods that can do a lot to save the earth. But how about having some fun while helping the environment as well? Yes, it’s great that you have recycled the paper, but why do you just use it for writing? Let us see how to make a beautiful photo frame using paper that is scrap or otherwise unusable for writing, printing or other uses.

How to make a picture frame from recycled paper

Difficulty Level:


Time required:

Picture frame from recycled paper

It takes 20 minutes approximately to put together the photo frame. The glue takes a night to dry up after which the picture frame to be ready for use.

Resources required:

  • Some pages from a trash calendar, magazine or catalog
  • A transparent tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Some Chenille Stems
  • A picture to be framed.

Steps to make a picture frame from recycled paper

1. Roll some paper sticks. Start rolling a piece of paper from an end and keep rolling in the diagonal direction as tightly as you can. That would give you a strong stick. Make sure that the design of the paper-sticks faces outside when you roll. Roll four such sticks.

2. To take the measurement of the photo, lay two paper-sticks parallel to one-another. Now place the photo face-down on those so that they are just some millimeters closer than the photo’s opposite edges. Tape the photo with the sticks temporarily.

3. Now, tape the other two paper-sticks with the remaining edges of the photo. This way, you would have the four paper-sticks forming a rectangle just the size of the picture that you want to frame.

4. Softly remove the taped photo and keep it aside. You have to work with the frame that is left behind. Once the frame is decorated, just fix the photo and you would be ready.

5. Cut a chenille stem into four pieces and paste all four them diagonally on the corners of the frame. This would make the frame look beautiful and also make it strong.

6. Place one piece of Chenille stem to the back of the frame and bring its other end to the front. This would appear like a twisted ‘X’. Do the same at all the four corners.

7. Place the frame upside down and paste the photo just the way it should appear when the frame is ready. Fix it with the tapes on all the sides with the paper-sticks.

8. Trim the sticks and leave just about 2 cm of the sticks beyond the point where the adjacent sticks meet. Cut the sticks to an angle and we bet you will love the slant effect it would add to your frame’s corners.

9. Cut another piece of chenille stem and roll it to form a loop. Fix this loop to the back of the photo and let the curve poke out so that you can hang the frame on the wall.

10. If you want, you may even stick a magnet to the back of the photo so that you have another option to stick it to the showcase or refrigerator or any other iron surface.

You are done with your beautiful and easy-to-make photo frame!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I do not have a Chenille stem at home. Is there any substitute for it?

A: We use chenille stem because it is moderately hard and stays fixed. But you may use anything that can add beauty and strength at the same time. Go for wool and knot it like a butterfly around the frame. Or you may also use some paster sheet’s strips and make a knot-like structure by tying it delicately.

Things to watch out for:

make a picture frame from recycled paper

  • Use plastic scissors if you are not comfortable with your child using scissors or razors.
  • If you don’t have chenille stems, do not use flimsy stems or material for making the picture frame.

Quick Tips:

  • While you make this frame, watch out for the new and unexplored ways to adorn it. Experiment with the first few frames that you create and you will know what suits the most.
  • If you want to add some more glamor to your creation, then go ahead and paste some small stickers of flowers or butterflies around the frame. Apply some sparkle or glitter to the paper-sticks and add the shimmer to your frame.

Some more ways of using trash for decoration

1. Windows

You can design the windows of your room with the help of antique marbles, button, and seashell or sea glass. These materials will help in catching light if placed near the window and illuminate the room when sun falls on it. By decorating the windows in this way can also make you save few units of electricity during the day time as well.

2. The headboard of the bed

The headboard of the bedYou can use old painted doors, wrought iron gates, barn boards mounted on the wall, portions of picket fences, an old folding screen or even discarded windows to create the headboard of the bed. You should use your creativity in using the discarded materials to create a bed frame.

3. Bedroom Interior

You can help your bedroom wear a new look by designing its interiors in a very unusual way. Use rejected paper pieces to cut them into the shapes of trees, flowers, leaves, birds, stars, moon and so on. Paste them to the walls of your bedroom. You can give these paper pieces the design you want.

4. Candle Holders

diy Candle Holder using tea tins

Image Source :

You can design the innovative candle holders by using recycled tea tins that houses incredible designs on it. Pour a paraffin wax mixture into these tins and insert wire-core wicks. Let the wax cool overnight before you light the candle.

5. Design a sitting place

You can design the siting place on your bed using a wooden sea captain chest and putting some extra blankets or bed sheets on it. Use a plush cushion on top of the bed to design a bench for sitting purpose.

6. Magazine Rack

wooden ladder Magazine Rack

Image Source :

Use old wooden ladders to create a magazine rack in your bedroom. You can use old wooden multi-paned window frame as creative picture frames by painting them and giving them a new look.

7. Nostalgic Pictures

A shabby chic style can be given to your interiors with the help of old postcards and colorful magazine advertisements. Use the attractive old fashioned greeting cards or fashion related ads or beauty products in the frames and hang them on your empty walls to relieve the old walls from the deserted looks.

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