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Piggy Pot: It’s time your kid saves nature, not money!

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Every parent buys a piggy bank for his or her kid to encourage the child to save. But in today’s scenario, it’s not money but the environment that needs to be saved. So, how would you motivate your kid for that? Well, we have an option. The Piggy Pot takes inspiration from the good old piggy bank and comes to your rescue.

Designed on the lines of a piggy bank by José Jorge Hinojosa Primo, the piggy pot has an opening on the top, where your child can grow his own small plants. Assist him in making his pot ready with soil so that he can put some seeds and see his own plant growing.

While, in the piggy bank a child waits to see the accumulated collection, in the Piggy Pot he will crave to see a seed sown by him grow into a plant. And the happiness to see the final product will be out of this world.

Not just this, the Piggy Pot will give your child his chance to make a “little green” difference in the environment.

Besides, it will be a good add-on to your garden, pool area or even your child’s room.

Via: Tuvie