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Five places to recycle your tech waste

Tech waste

You may have updated yourself with a next generation play station or may be while cleaning up your house for Christmas you came across some discarded instruments. But you don’t have a garbage box for the same. The question arises, where to dispose them? Many countries have started the practice of making a convenient drop off place for all your discarded electronics equipments such as computers, mobiles, iPods, etc. You may not be aware of hazards of these wastes as they are made of various components that is unhealthy for our environment and may lead us to a dangerous future.

Rapid growing technology and lower prices is responsible for a rapid growing enormous electronic waste around the world. Approximately around more than fifty million tons of tech wastes are estimated every year. More than forty million computers and over as much as more than hundred million mobiles are disposed every year. Out of this large stack, only handful of the share get recycled and rest of them are either buried or burnt adding enormous pollution to the environment.

1. Your cell phone maker or service provider

According to a new survey, every year more than 100 million mobiles are updated with a new technology and the old one get discarded. In order to maintain the balance, these days most of the mobile companies provide a pouch to be used for mailing the discarded mobiles to be recycled. Companies like Nokia, Sony and Samsung, etc., also provide a prepaid shipping label in order to help customers in shipping out the used mobiles to get recycled. These companies also offer with a free credit or a gift card on your next buy.

2. Best buy

Most of the electronic superstores also have environmental friendly recycling programs. Instruments like CRTs are made of a very high concentration of lead and phosphor which are not easy to be deposed. They are hazardous to our nature and pollute the environment. Electronic equipments like, CRTs, monitors, DVD players, printers and many other such instruments can be brought to such junctions to be recycled. These companies also offer you with a credit value to be used in your next buy at any of electronic stores.

3. Office depot and staples

Office depot is known for selling different shapes of boxes to be used for stuffing with any gadgets suiting to the size of boxes and dropping it for recycling. These boxes are of three different sizes ranging from small, medium and going up to a large box with the respective prices as $5,$10 and $15. Staples also contribute in the same manner, the difference is they do the same for smaller products like phones, calculators, etc. In case if you wish to drop in your LCD or TV monitors, and they will charge you $10.

4. Goodwill

These are the places that can be also referred as charitable drop-off sites to accept computers and monitors in any condition. It is an easy and convenient way of disposing your old goods which you have discarded and replaced with some next generation gadget. They give opportunity to every citizen of this world in contributing a social hand in making this world a better place to live in. Their recycling program is absolutely free for everybody and they have a very simple refreshingly website.

5. Apple

Apple is basically constricted to only computers, iPods and cell phones. Apple helps you in recycling your old iPods for free along with giving you a benefit of availing 10% of discount on your next purchase of any new iPods or getting an Apple gift card for the same. They help you in replacing yourself with a next generation gadget along with proper discount, as well as helping you in discarding your old gadgets which are not in use to you anymore.

Every year more than millions and millions of electronic equipments are discarded, out of which only 10% of the waste gets a chance to get replaced. These electronic wastes such as used computers, mobiles, refrigerators, monitor which you may have dumped in your warehouse when you bought a new gadget for the same. These gadgets are made of various components which are not nature friendly and may lead to a contaminated future environment. In order to update yourself without creating any loss to the nature, you can make use of such companies to get over your used and discarded equipments. This is a social duty of every citizen in creating a batter tomorrow.