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Plant life shifting rapidly in Britain: Blame Climate change?

british orchids

May at the end of the decade, we will witness a landscape of Britain different from what it is now! Yes, that is how climate change is working on the prevailing ecosystem. With the rising temperatures, orchids and ferns have gradually begun to flourish in the north, while other species are retreating to the cooler conditions on high land and mountainsides.

The country’s plant life has already shifted rapidly in a dramatic way. Blame climate changing for it? This study is published recently in a comprehensive survey of the nation’s flora. This trend will be exacerbated by future warming, according to researchers.

Katherine Stewart of Plantlife said,

It’s easy to pick out the species that have fared well because they have moved into new areas, but the losers are harder to spot… We know plants that flourish in moist, cooler conditions, such as moorland and mountain species, are likely to suffer. They may retreat further north or up mountainsides, but some may hang on for a while and then go suddenly.

Via: The Guardian