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Plastic bags turn into some amazing objects

by DrPrem Jagyasi

You would know that plastic bags can be recycled but you would not have imagined the extent to which these bags can be utilized. There can be some of the most amazing objects that can be carved out of these plastic bags. Check out how a little of these plastic bags can be re-purposed to develop into some wonderful objects.


  • Inkuku: Commonly called a chicken chair, Inkuku has been developed by Ryan Frank. It is a marvelous piece of furniture that would wonderfully suit the modern living style. While the chair is made completely of plastic bags, it has a modern spin base made of recycled aluminum plus plastic shopping bags. These materials have been combined to make a spin using an African craft technique.
  • Plastic bag chicken: Could you imagine that some plastic bags are usable to be molded into a chicken figurine? Some disadvantaged crafters living in Cape Town have made it possible by handcrafting recycled plastic bags. Anybody would love to keep this colorful chicken in his or her house.


  • Re-Find handbags: Kate Ward has designed beautiful handbags from the otherwise discarded plastic bags. She has hand-knitted and stitched marvelous functional handbags, as well as done contemporary artwork on them.
  • Mother Teresa dress: A French fashion designer, Frank Sorbier has created a beautiful dress out of plastic bags. Frank has given it the title, Mother Teresa, and has included it in one of his fall-winter collections.


  • Najah, Ilham and Lazara: No, these are not names of some individuals! These are names of the lights that are made of enclosures created out of objects in knitted plastic bags. Swiss designer, Anne-C├ęcile Rappa, designs this exquisite series of lights. This is example of some wonderful craftsmanship.


  • Dacca boots: A design student, Camila Labra has come up with this idea of creating the Dacca footwear collection from recycled plastic bags. This can be termed as a practical and environment-friendly idea since these boots are waterproof and look stylish too. Multiple plastic layers are fused together to offer strength and flexibility to these boots. There is quilted cotton fabric for inside layering and comfort.
  • Bass guitar: You would be surprised to know that even a bass guitar has been made out of the trashed plastic bags. A Nashville student did it as part of the Trash Art Contest.