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Plastics Technology Improvements Making a Big Splash in Construction

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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How Improvements in Plastics Technology Are Changing the Construction Industry

When most people think of the construction industry, they don’t think about plastics, but truthfully plastics are making a big impact on this particular field. New improvements in plastics technology are making plastics a preferred material for many different parts of the construction industry. From the materials used in the building itself to the materials that create construction equipment, you will find plastics at every stage of the modern construction process.

Where Plastics Show up in Construction

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Just where do plastics show up in construction? Today, with the increased strength and durability of modern thermoplastics, you will find them just about everywhere. Architectural columns, for example, are now made from plastic instead of heavier concrete or other materials. Bathroom partitions, window glazing, security windows, decorative shutters, display boards, conveyor systems and even the furniture in waiting and reception areas all may incorporate plastics. Even lighting panels and lenses can be made from plastics.

You will also find plastics in the construction equipment itself. Machines, cranes, earth movers and other pieces of equipment often contain plastic parts that resist rust and wear and tear better than metal components. Because plastics often have low friction and are resistant to corrosion, even when exposed to the elements, they work well for chutes, hoppers and other moving parts on construction equipment. For painting, plastic paint barriers help keep paint where it needs to be while also providing a flexible, lightweight option that can easily be put up and down as needed.

Types of Plastic Technology Used in Construction


In the construction industry, you will find a huge range of plastic materials used. One of the most popular is the UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) plastic. UHMW is affordable, eco-friendly and quite strong, making it the plastic of choice for a wide range of needs.

Polycarbonate sheet, which is durable, can be transparent and offers exceptional design flexibility, is another popular choice for construction. Polyethylene sheeting is yet another popular choice, especially when flexibility is needed, as for paint barriers. For architectural columns, lightweight foam polyvinyl chloride offers the strength necessary for the job with lightweight, easy to manage materials that make the construction process easier.

With each of these plastic products, construction companies benefit from greater durability and increased performance. Many of these products are eco-friendly, can be recycled and reduce overall environmental impact, offering even more benefit to construction companies. With all of the changes in the plastics industry, the impact on the construction field is huge and will continue to grow in the coming years.

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