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Plymouth students create an igloo without a drop of the frozen white stuff

plastic milk jug igloo

The thought of being inside an igloo always fascinated me. The feeling of being surrounded with snow is just something else. But, what if I tell you about an igloo that hasn’t even a single drop of the frozen white stuff. Folks at Epiphany of Our Lord School, Plymouth Meeting, have built an igloo using recycled material. As part of a schoolwide recycling project, the domed structure that recently emerged in Epiphany’s library is made from some 607 plastic milk jugs.

For the project, kindergartners through eighth graders began collecting the gallon containers last November, while the older students with their parents took the responsibility of washing and sterilizing the jugs. The igloo was the brainchild of the art and technology teacher Joanne Crawford. John Klein, an engineer who is one of the parents involved in the project, supervised the final design and construction.

The school’s student council sponsored a guess-how-many-jugs-in-the-igloo contest as well, under which each entry costs 25 cents and the collected money would go to charity. Younger students are seen earning special passes that allow them to read in the igloo. The wonderful project gave everyone an opportunity to involve themselves in a green effort.

Via: Montgomery News

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