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Pocket Change – How Sustainable Practices Lower Your Business’ Expenses

by Dr Prem Community Writer

All over the country, businesses are transitioning to sustainable practices for the benefit of our environment. However, many small businesses are concerned about making these same transitions, fearful of the devastating impacts they may have on the office budget. Fortunately, leveraging eco-friendly technology, participating in ink cartridge recycling schemes and partnering with ethical suppliers, have only positive effects on the business wallet.

There are always more ways for businesses and employees to adopt budget-friendly environmentally-friendly policies. Read on to find out why adopting eco-friendly printing management practices benefits your business’ bottom line.

Lower the cost-per-page of Printing

printing in the office

Innovative eco-friendly printing settings are available on most modern printers, and thankfully will create professional-looking and sustainable printouts, without costing the earth (literally).

Eco-friendly printers provide your business with better quality printing, and are sustainable and cost effective for the modern eco-friendly office.

Slash your Energy Bill

Becoming conscious of your energy use is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to your business’ bottom line. Switching to energy-efficient products and practices can help reduce energy consumption while simultaneously decreasing your energy bill. It is also possible for energy conscious businesses to gain government grants, in order to engage expert advice on reducing energy costs.

Paper Cut

Prevent Deforestation

We all know that reducing our usage of paper is key to protecting our environment and our wildlife who call forests their home. Duplex (double-sided) printing can cut your paper use by up to 50%, lowering the amount of trees cut down. Abandoned office printing is also one of the leading causes of excessive paper waste. User-authenticated printing techniques, such as PIN and pull printing, store jobs on networked printers until the user collects them. This leads to a 10-30% reduction in paper waste.

These simple and effective sustainable printing practices, are also incredibly effective on reducing a business’ printing expenses. Reducing your paper waste through these eco-friendly practices means less time (and money) spent on ordering more supplies.

Ink Wise

The ongoing cost of ink can quite often become the most expensive component of owning a printer. Therefore, when purchasing an office printer, it is best practice to choose model that has a toner saving feature.

Be Genuine
Printer Cartridges

By purchasing genuine ink cartridges for your business printers, you can help the environment and your business’ budget.

Adopting sustainable and budget-friendly procedures can easily be achieved by leveraging technology, eco-friendly partners and improved printing practices within your business. Take a look at your organisation’s printing practices to identify areas that can be improved, and help your business minimise any printing-related and environmental costs.

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