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Pocketbook packaged solar charger for Android phones and Tablets

This new solar charger for Android phones and Tablets, called a Pocket Panel, is built into a folding pocketbook package to make it easy to carry in pockets or backpacks on a camping trip. The solar charger will also be appreciated by people working outdoors like gardeners, who can listen to music without having to worry about the battery running down.

Android Solar Charging Panel

The poly-crystalline solar modules are pasted on a fabric strip that folds and is secured by a Velcro strip. The solar modules generate electricity, that is fed into a USB port that accepts the battery charging cable from an Android phone or Tablet. The USB port has become the preferred battery charging connector on most portable electronic devices and this solar charger will, therefore, be able to connect to many different makes of smart phones and tablets, including the popular iPhones and iPads.

Two versions of the product are on offer. The 6 watt output version, priced at $64.95 will charge an Android phone in 1.5 hours. It is able to do this since it delivers 1.2 amperes whereas most phone chargers deliver lower current. The larger 10 watt version delivers 2 amperes and can charge an Android tablet in about 2 hours. The 12 watt version is priced at $124.95.

Several types of solar chargers are available for phones and other portable electronics. What is unusual in this product is the imaginative packaging of the solar modules into a convenient casing. The most popular of these pocketbook packages is the one made in army camouflage color. For the obvious reasons of dirt and grease staining, the packages are all made in dark colors.

One extension of application for this foldable solar charger would be that use it to charge a battery when it is not in use with a phone or tablet. That battery could then serve to power, for example, a flash light or a portable shaver. That would also be a good application for campers.

Via: Androidforums