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Seven most popular toys for earth loving kids

Toys for earth loving kids

The wait is over and the green technology has completely changed the world it was back few years and now what it has given to the world is a safe and clean environment. This green change is highly appreciated in every term and there is nothing better than this to save our environment. Most of the products these days are made eco-friendly so as to decrease the carbon footprints and also to make the best use of recycled products. The toys are one of the major products which are these days made out of recycled products on a large scale. This procedure not only makes them eco-friendly but is also loaded with plenty of features which are quite interesting and worth going for. There are plenty of eco-friendly toys out there in the market. Some of them are exceptionally beautiful and useful and are worth of keeping in stock. Here we are with a list of seven most popular toys for earth loving kids. Have a look!

1. Jump rope

Jump rope

The jump rope is one of the most favorite toys of most of the kids out there. This toy is now made green using recycled products and is made with awesome style and gorgeous looks. Especially the handle bar of the toy is pretty when compared to the body. It is made completely out of recycled products like plastic and has no toxic or chemical substances including the highly dangerous phthalates or BPA. It is priced at $9.

2. A day on the farm

A day on the farm

This awesome set of toys is worth of going for their exotic looks and green features. The toy can be a hot favorite of all the kids out there who love farming and related stuffs. It comes along with the farming tools and also with the various farm animals and their shelter. All these toys are completely hand-painted and are non-toxic. Also they are pretty durable and for sure the kids out there would love their various designs. It is priced at $26.50.

3. Green doll house

Green doll house

Here is something for all the baby girls out there. Usually small girls love playing around with their barbie dolls or any such dolls that keeps them happy. Here is a green alternative for all such kids. This is a green doll house which is equipped with all the features of a normal house. The stylish looks and the trendy design is pretty attractive and is worth going for. It is priced at $230 and is available at Amazon.

4. Tea set

Tea set

Kids usually love cooking and there is practically nothing better than this green gadget when it comes to cooking part. This tea set is what the kids who love cooking. It comes along with various shapes and sized cups and holders which are so gorgeous that you will find it hard to take your eyes off them. The best part is that these toys are completely green and will not cause any harm to your kid. They are made out of lead and recycled plastic.

5. Organic toy crinkle bear

Organic toy crinkle bear

When it comes to toys, the teddies are one of the widely preferred toys for any type of kid. The kids are mostly same and so are their choices. This organic toy crinkle bear is what you all need to make your kid happy. This toy is made completely out of recycled green products and is ultra-soft. It is made using the soft organic cotton which is considered to be the best in class. Also, this teddy is capable of making crinkle sounds when moved to places. It is priced at $9.99 and is available at Amazon.

6. Dino rig

Dino rig

The animals are hot favorite of most of the kids out there and they cannot resist when it comes to the giant dinosaurs. This toy kit has plenty of dinosaurs of various shapes and sizes and also comes with a cool and exotic giant truck similar in color to that of the dinosaur. It looks pretty cool and is worth going for. Priced at just $17.75, it is worth of a strong deal and is available at Amazon.

7. Mini garbage truck

Mini garbage truck

When it comes to vehicles, the kids are die-hard fans of trucks. Here is a green truck for all the truck fans out there. This green truck is actually made out of green products and is shaped similar to a garbage truck which can clean off all the stuffs around you. It has a mini opening at its capacity tank which can be filled with some stuff the kids like. It is made out of recycled rubber and formaldehyde free-glue. It is priced at just $25.