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Five portable generators that are powered by renewable energy

Rising pollution has become a major concern these days forcing governments and people across the globe to adopt measures which can reduce pollution as much as possible. Two major contributors to environmental pollution are factories and power plants There is no denying the fact that we need factories and pollution for the production of necessary goods, but the danger posed by the high levels of pollutants coming out from the factories and power plants is just too much to bear. Power plants and factories also consume huge amount of non-renewable natural resources, which will lead to severe energy crisis one day. The need of the hour is to replace the furnaces powered by non-renewable sources of energy with generators that are powered using renewable energy. These days many factories are using generators that do not use fossil fuels. Here is a list of five portable generators that are powered by renewable energy.


This unique and innovative backup power source is powered by urine or saltwater. The MetalCell generates enough energy to provide power to a laptop for more than four hours. A South Korean company has manufactured this compact emergency power source. The company has manufactured the MetalCell to be used in military situations, where the army men find it tough to find the power to keep their portable electronic devices up and running. This device features magnesium plates, which react with sodium present in the salt water or urine to generate electricity. The MetalCell is lightweight and can be transported from one place to another easily. This device can also be used to power a small flashlight.

Adam Boesel’s Green Microgym

The demand to conserve energy is getting louder with each passing day because by conserving energy, we can protect our environment from degradation. These days many companies and eco-enthusiastic individuals are busy developing machines which can be used to serve the purpose. Adam Boesel from Green Microgym in Seattle is also one such soul who has worked on a technology to be used to produce electricity using sweat. Strange, but this is true. Boesel has designed a device named Total Body Turnaround which generates electricity using the sweat which is produced when we spin bikes during our workouts. The electricity generated by this device can be used to power portable electronic devices including music systems, MP3 players and DVD players.

Hybrid home generator concept by Sun J Vang

Industrial designer Sun-J Vang has used his skills perfectly to design the concept of a Hybrid Home Generator, which harnesses the green energy supplied by the sun and wind, and produce electricity which can be used to recharge electronic devices. Featuring a layer of solar panels and a wind turbine, the battery used in this generator gets charged using the clean and green energy generated by the sunlight and wind. The battery features a USB port, which can be used to connect portable electronic devices such as cellphones, MP3 players, DVD players etc. This device is completely eco friendly because it does not use any renewable sources of energy.


Designed and created by iLand Green Technologies, this is a solar-powered device which can be used by avid campers. This is lightweight, which means that the campers can easily get this green source of power with them. The weight of this device which consists of two parts is less than 10kg. The two parts of this device are: a generator and a solar panel. The solar panel traps the sun’s energy and the generator is used to provide renewable energy, which can be used to power several portable hand-held electronic devices including laptop, mobile phone, GPS devices MP3 players etc. A 200Wh battery is used to store the energy generated by the iLand. This stored energy can power LED bulbs.

PowerCube 6000

The rising prices of fuels and growing demand to protect non-renewable sources of energy have prompted many of us to use devices powered by renewable sources of energy. The PowerCube 6000 is one such generator, featuring clean energy system. Priced at a whopping $25,000, this unique machine is completely emission free. The PowerCube 6000 features three 200 watt solar panels and continuous inverter output of 3500 watts. This solar-powered generator comes in a watertight casing.