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Power your radio as you shower with H2O Shower Power Radio

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We all enjoy hearing music while we take a soothing hot shower or hum to our favorite song knowing that this is the only place where non-singers have the chance to sing in tune. However, many of us long to hear music from the radio but are aware of the limitations, as radios require wiring or battery replacements which are hazardous in wet places. But here is a solution to all this – the innovative H2O Shower Power Radio!

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This unique radio actually requires none of these. It produces energy from the water pressure generated by your shower to power the radio so that you can listen to your favorite music stations while you bathe. You do not have to worry about turning off the shower once a while, because the energy is stored by the radio so it will still be turned on. This is a very “green” innovation and it helps in the conservation of electricity, making it a very attractive option!

The installation of the H2O Shower Power Radio is very simple, as it is linked to the shower hose in a way that the water is forced through the water micro turbine and onto the generator which ultimately switches the radio to the “on” mode so that you can listen to your music or tune in to your favorite radio stations. This super cool gadget comes for just $56 and the eco-friendly nature of the radio makes it even more attractive. So, go green and switch your radio on with H2O power!

Via: DesignBuzz/GizFactory