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How to make a self-powered toy car

Toy car

Toy cars are fun to play with, especially if you got a boy in your home. But the moving cars need you to be present to do all the to and fro stuff so that they work and your kid becomes happy. But that is a total loss of time, is not it? And you may wish that if someone could just come in your place and move the car. Well, here is an alternative for you now. Here you will learn about making your own self-powered toy car which will move on its own. This will not only save your time but will also keep your kid happy. You can also use these cars and arrange a car racing event in your kid’s birthday party or some occasion.

Difficulty Level: Moderately Easy

Time required: Depends upon the skill and speed of the person performing the task.

Resources required:

1. One sheet of art foam

2. Pen

3. Scissors

4. Craft Knife

5. Compass

6. Two flexible straws

7. Cardboard

8. Poster paint

9. Paintbrush

10. Glue dots

11. Balloon

12. Masking tape

Estimated Cost: N/A


Step 1: Gathering the resources

The very first step is to gather and collect all the material which is listed in the resources required section earlier in this post.

Step 2: Making the body

In order to make the body of the toy car we will use art foam. You can fold the art foam in half and then draw a rounded rectangle with the help of pen covering most of the half sheet.

Step 3: Continuing making the body

After step – 2 is done, you can draw a 2 ” half circle at the fold and a 1 / 3 ” from the fold edge.

Step 4: Drawing the squares

After completing the step – 3, you need to draw half inch squares near the bottom of the rectangle corners.

Step 5: Cutting the art foam

After you have drawn on the art foam according to the instructions given, you can cut the rounded rectangle out along with the half circle and the squares. You can cut this out with the help of mat knife when the art foam is folded

Step 6: Joining the edges

Now after cutting the art foam out you need to join together the inside edges of the rectangle which you drew on the art foam at the opposite end from the half circle and apply glue to secure the two edges together.

Step 7: Drawing the circles

Now you can draw two two inches of diameter circles with the help of the compass. And you need to also draw two 3 / 4 ” diameter circles.

Step 8: Making the wheels

Now you need to cut these circles which you drew in Step – 7 and pain the circles black with a silver center so that they resemble the wheels of the car.

Step 9: Making the axles

In this step you will be making axles for your toy car. You can do so by cutting two sections of the stray measuring three inches each. Then you can thread them through the small squares on the bottom of the car.

Step 10: Joining the wheels to the axles

Now you can join the wheels which you make to the end of the axles using glue. Glue the small wheels in front and bigger ones in the rear of the car.

Step 11: Joining the balloon

In this step you need to tape the balloon in front of the car. After this when you will blow up the balloon through the straw, the car will take off.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How will the balloon work in the car?

Ans: When you will tape the balloon in front of the car and thread it with straw above the axle. Then when you will blow the balloon through the straw then when you will keep it on a flat surface, then the car will take off.

Quick tips:

Draw the wheels of the car with the help of compass so that they are perfect circle.

Things to watch out for:

Watch out your hands while cutting the art foam with mat knife.

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