Prepare your home for winters, and save on energy consumption

Many countries face extreme cold temperatures and extended winters. This is the time when the energy utilizations at home are the maximum. As a result, this high use of electricity generates huge utility bills. Some tips mentioned below will not only keep your house or office eco-friendly but also energy efficient and cost effective during winters.

 Check windows and doors for drafts

Check for air coming in from windows or doors

Many a times, air drifts in from the windows and doors drafts, since there is always a certain gap in them. Due to this frequent passage of outside and inside air, the load on the heater inside the house increases. This makes the heater use more electricity.

A simple technique to find if there are drafts is by using a candle. If the flame flickers when you the candle near the draft, you will have to find where the origin of the crack is. Sealing them is easy and can be done using a caulk.

Using weather strips

Using weather strips

Many a times, there is a gap where the doors or windows are attached. Hence, it is always advised to use weather strips that avoid infiltration of cold air. The weather strip is easy on the budget and easy to install too. However, do remember that weather strips are different in size and installation for doors and windows, so a one size fits all approach will not be useful.

 Washing window panes

Washing window panes regularly

Sunlight can be a good source to heat the house or office during the day. However, many a times dust particles accumulated on the windowpanes can stop sunlight from entering the rooms. Hence, it is important to keep the window panes clean and clear always. This will help maximum sunlight to pass through.

gutter cleaning

Gutter maintenance

Gutters if not clean, can cause the water to pour from the roof down the windows, walls or doors. This is not only harmful building maintenance, but also can lead to cracking or water penetration through windows or walls. This results in heat escaping outside and the cold water reducing the temperature inside. Hence, it is necessary to clean the gutters, so that the water percolates inside the ground easily, thus avoiding any energy loss.

 Sustainable insulation

Sustainable insulation

Sustainable insulation is of utmost importance for older homes or homes that have not built keeping in concern energy efficiency. Insulation process is expensive and longer but is the safest option.


Staying alert and active with simple maintenance activities can save you big on energy bills in winters, without having to compromise on comfort.

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