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Five products you won’t believe are recycled

Recycled products

If you are a creative person who loves experimenting with new innovative materials and believes in converting ‘trash into treasure’, then all you have to do is let loose the balloon strings of your imagination to come up with the weirdest of ideas which can give a definite shape and identity to something absolutely useless, beyond anyone’s expectation. With growing awareness and multiple uses of recycled products, more and more people all across the globe are coming up with unbelievably beautiful and creative ideas to use their household wastes in making something worthwhile out of it, leaving you dumbstruck and in a state of awe to believe that such mesmerizing pieces of art are a result of a few pieces of worn-out things, mixed with creative ideas par excellence, with no extra cost involved.

Let’s discuss some of the most unbelievable products that are being recycled.

1. Radiator vase

Radiator vase

When your house undergoes remodeling, a lot of waste products get accumulated which leaves you confused as to how to dispose them off. However, these can be altered and redesigned to be made into elegant, prim and pretty flower vases to adorn your drawing area or any other corner of your house as per your choice. Let’s take the example of an old radiator cover which can be easily transformed into a beautiful centerpiece by taking the help of the perforated metal sheets along with flat pliers and some non toxic paint. It can not only load you with compliments on your artistic skills, but is capable of adorning the grandest of dinner tables, complimented with some fresh flowers in it. The same materials can even be used to beautify your next outdoor party with creative festive lanterns drawn out of them.

2. Light bulb picture frame

Light bulb

Ever since CFL’s have taken over the charge to lighten up our houses in the most energy-efficient manner, we are left with a load of disposal items in the form of old standard light bulbs. However, if you want to gift a personalized handmade craft item to a close friend, here’s the simplest way of doing it in the most economical way. An adorable picture display, having a wooden mount from a salvaged wood block and a mini message board, can be carved out along with making use of an old light bulb. The block of wood can be derived from your child’s old block game or from leftovers of home remodeling, clubbed smartly with chalkboard paint to enable jotting down personal notes and quotations to impart a finished look to the entire art piece.

3. Kitchen cabinet headboard

Kitchen cabinet headboard

Can you ever imagine of carving a beautiful headboard for your bed out of the remains of the doors of your kitchen cabinet, it might be difficult for you to digest but it is true. Kitchen cabinet doors stalked out from a DIY home remodel project, with the help of a handsaw, a hammer and a screwdriver, can assist you in incorporating the doors of your kitchen almirah, by placing them side by side, to form a full-length headboard for the back of your bed. In addition to this, some old pieces of molding and wood bits can help do the edging to impart a pricey look to your entire bed structure, making it look as if it has been acquired from a expensive home decor shop.

4. Window frame message center

Window frame message center

Generally, when you convert your not-so-efficient windows into weather- proof alternatives, a lot of unwanted fixtures get piled up. What you can do is create a beautiful and functional message center to keep your projects well organized. You can add some worn-out fabric scrap from previous projects and some chalk board paint to beautify it further. In the end, a personal touch can be imparted to the entire area by using some old wall paper or magazine covers to do up a decorative design feature.

5. Wine cork bath mat

Wine cork bath mat

All those wine lovers now have an additional reason to enjoy their drink, as the cork extracted from the wine-bottles, which ultimately finds space in the litter bin, can now be used to adorn your bath area. These corks, along with old pieces of shelf liners, can be utilized to create a beautiful, attractive and innovative bath mat. A large mat, however, would require about 175 corks, while a smaller one can also be made by using lesser number of them. So, from now on, think twice before you heartlessly dispose off your wine bottle corks, they can save you from spending on a designer bath mat.

A little effort from your end, zeal to create something new and an additional churning of your grey cells can help you save a lot of your money by utilizing leftover stuffs from your own household attic to create something useful and worth decorating.