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Professional car wash units are a wiser option to choose

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Car washing is something we all do without realizing the impact of this action of ours on the environment and the surroundings. People enjoy washing their cars by throwing buckets of water on it, or by throwing water from the hose on it. Not many realize that the amount of water they use to wash their car is a lot first. That water seeps into the earth mixes with the underground waterways and make the clean water unfit for human consumption. This would never take place if the water after car wash were properly disposed.

washing the car

Every time someone washes a car at home, too many gallons of water are used that goes waste. On the other hand, there are some professional car washers, which call themselves green because they use less water to clean cars, and the recycle that water to reuse it, or they use proper disposal system.

Professional car wash over car wash at home

Professional car wash

Commercial carwash facilities are any day more convenient and eco-friendly in comparison to the car wash at home. The strict laws and guidelines that govern such commercial car wash’s functioning make it mandatory for them to opt for eco-friendly operation. They cannot channel their water just about anywhere but directly into the sewer systems. In sewer systems, the water is treated before finally releasing out, so that it does not harm the other water bodies it mixes with.

Besides the proper disposal of water, commercial car wash units use minimum water to wash cars. They use computer-controlled systems that enable a perfect car wash with minimal water. The high-pressure nozzles take away dirt and dust too fast and easily, without consuming much of water.

Even if you plan to give your car a careful wash using least amount of water, then also you will end up spending much more water than a professional car wash unit spends. Some car wash units decide to take up their green quotient and they recycle and re-use the rinse water repeatedly.

Tips to make car wash at home greener

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If going to a professional car wash unit is not feasible then you must try out the following things that can make car wash an absolute green thing.

Pick Natural Cleansers

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Market is full of car cleansers that are loaded with harmful chemicals. You should pick the ones that are made of natural chemicals; they go soft on your car and do not do any harm to the environment.

Waterless car wash

Waterless car wash

There are several waterless car wash products also available in the market, so you can pick some of them and indulge in a waterless car wash for most of the times.

Pressure and spray Nozzle

Car washing with high pressure water jet

Spray nozzle is of tremendous help if you want to cut down your water usage. Spray nozzle prevents unnecessary flowing of water, as water only oozes out when you press the nozzle. Another lucrative option is the pressure nozzle just like one they use in the professional car wash units. It cleans dust and stains efficiently, in less time, and using much lesser amount of water.

Washing our cars in the parking is one of the worst non eco-friendly things we can do around our house. The water seeps in the ground or goes into the storm drains, eventually mixing in rivers and other water resources, poisons it and makes it unfit and dangerous for the water creatures. A better option is a professional car wash because the laws make them green and clean, which is in good interest of people and environment altogether.