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Project to Tap Electricity From Trees


So, are we on the voyage of reaching a state of getting electricity free, and in abundance? That is what seems to happen if MagCap Engineering’s Canton Company’s project becomes successful. The company claims to be developing a process of generating electricity from living trees. And it is working with an unidentified business in The Netherlands as a possible investor. Though the concept is mind-boggling for ones who are burdened with electricity bills each month, local energy experts have questions about the concept behind the proposal.

A process converts the natural energy of a tree to usable direct-current electricity, and MagCap Engineering LLC wants to patent it, company President Chris Lagadinos informed. To help pay for the research needed to figure a way to increase the tree power from less than 2 volts to 12 volts sometime this year, he expects to find investors to help create an alternative to fossil fuels. Best wishes to Chris.

Via: Mass High Tech

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