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Purifan air purifying ceiling fan encloses blade for safety

purifan air purifying ceiling fan

Owing to the enormous pollution we have in the cities today, all urbanites are forced to breathe air, which by no means is safe. So, in such a scenario “Purifan” looks like a tempting option to makes air safe for breathing. Designed to replace the regular ceiling fans, this new ceiling fan comes with built-in air purifying and filtering system that cleans the air.

The Purifan enclosure features a 5-stage filtering system that cleans and circulates over 2,000 cubic feet of air every minute. A paper media particle filters captures particles, while an activated charcoal medium remove odors. The enclosure keeping the fan blades enclosed doesn’t add more load to the ceiling fan’s motor than a standard set of blades and also avoids accidental incidences.

Eliminating the additional cost to install an air purifier, the Purifan enclosure is capable of supplying new and fresh air every 90 seconds for an average 20′ x 20′ x 8′ room. Since it hangs from the ceiling, it doesn’t take any floor or table space. The $390 Purifan comes with a lifetime warranty and replacing filters would costs $42.50. It not only offers energy-saving benefits of comfortable airflow, but also provides clean air to breathe.