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Ralph Lauren unveils a stylish, solar-powered waterproof backpack

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Resting peacefully in the lap of nature, away from noise, civilization, stress and anxiety is something everyone dreams of. And if with this you get a pinch of adventure, excitement and thrill, there’s nothing more you can ask for. But, while going out on these action-packed expeditions you still need to be connected with your near and dear ones, who knows when emergency arises. No matter how advanced your cell phone is, but without power it’s worthless. In order to help you in such a dicey situation, Ralph Lauren’s men’s athletic line, RLX has recently unveiled a new line of high-performance bags, one of which features an integrated solar panel.

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Dubbed the “RLX Solar Panel Backpack”, this bag is crafted in Italy using a thin, seamless, and water-resistant material. It also features a mobile-device-charging solar-powered LED panel that generates enough power to charge your cell phone and iPod. Measuring some 20″ H x 14″ L x 1″ D, this innovative bag has adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort. The handle on one side allows for use as a bag. It generates 3.45-watt current and is capable of charging a small device in just two to three hours when the sun is at full strength. Coming in two cool colors – black and orange, the RLX Solar Panel Backpack will set you back by $795. It is a perfect combination of luxury, technology, style and performance.

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Via: Ecouterre