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Rattan Lounge chairs helps you relax in style

Jekate Chair by Raymond Simandjuntak

Take a closer look at these wonderful chairs. If you are told that the random structure of this exquisite design finds its inspiration in the chaotic traffic snarls of modern life, you wouldn’t believe it. But that’s precisely what Raymond Simandjuntak, the designer from Indonesia, depicts through the intricate piece of work. He firmly believes that all design necessarily emanate from the things that we can see or feel, everything except that which is rooted in soil. This conviction reflects in full measure through the Rattan lounge chairs.
Raymond preferred Rattan over conventional furniture making materials for its abundance, sustainability, beauty and flexibility in creating intricate designs. His emphasis was clearly on making a modern-look lounge chair using classic raw material. A perfect piece of furniture for just any living space! What do you say?
Jekate Chair by Raymond SimandjuntakJekate Chair by Raymond Simandjuntak
Jekate Chair by Raymond Simandjuntak

Via: ErgonomicOfficeLounge

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