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Raw artist Brandy Lee looks differently at discarded clothes

Upcycled Fashion

What do you expect from girls in their early adolescent years? They will play, read and enjoy life but this girl, still in her early adolescent years, has done an incredible job by making trendiest of the clothes from old clothes buried deep in the boxes of her house. The talent of the girl has not gone unnoticed and now her work will be showcased by RawArtists.org during this month in Austin, Texas.

RawArtists.org, an organization dedicated for the cause of upcoming young artists, organizes a show every month and for this month’s show called “Raw: Fusion” they have chosen Brandy Lee for the fashion segment. Brandy has launched her line of fashion clothes with the name of ‘Nunca Nunca’.

Brandy has always loved sewing and did lots of sewing for children’s clothes. It was when she used to sew clothes for children that she developed her fashion sense and began to think on new lines. After much coaxing, her grandmother permitted to use her old childhood clothes for making new clothes from them. Brandy made beautiful dresses that can compete with any of the trendiest boutique’s creations out of those old cloths. The best part about Nunca Nunca creations is that they are an eco friendly way of fashion. Brandy finds the raw material for her creations like clothes and fabrics from local thrift stores and then designed her exclusive clothes.

RawArtists.org showcases talent of various artists in its various segments like art, fashion, music, hair and make up, photography, performing arts, etc and it is a matter of honor for any artist who gets a chance to be a part of the show. Brandy certainly deserves this honor for her eco-friendly line of trendiest clothes.

Via: Examiner