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Real wooden table lamp complements the touch of nature in your living space

Wood inspired table lamps are one of the simplest part of home decor that brings home a natural exuberance without ever looking out of place or going out of style. Such designer creation talks of functionality and fashion while blending our home environment to a natural element and keeping us attuned with our surroundings. The WEPLIGHT’s newest addition of the real wooden table lamp is one such fine creative floral wooden lamp, which illuminates your room decor as well as soothes the mind removing all harsh ties of our city life and keep us in harmony to the serenity of Mother Nature.

Real Wood Table Lamp

The wooden table lamp is heralded from the house of Buenos Aires based designer house of WEPLIGHT and is marked with its trademark flexible wood finish. The simplicity of design makes it a perfect accessory to any type or theme of decoration without marring its presence or its panache. Furthermore, the lamp’s long lasting veneer, distinct framework and ease of functionality lends an unhurried temperament that suits well to all occasions, places and atmosphere. Its soft wooden facade helps cast a soft classic floral glow to its surrounding and make it come alive in a sensual way. This one unique floral shaped light can justify diverse functionality or help create that perfect ambiance that synchronizes well to your home, office or other commercial quarters.

With a translucent base, the table lamp does perfect justice to any table base casting a lucid halo of natural lightness and re energizing the natural instincts of your surroundings attuned to a more eco-conscious theme. This lamp is definitely add to your room aesthetics and remain a conversational adornment for future years without ceasing to allure your guests’ attention ever. The magic of the detailed finishing and ornamental structure is such that even when switched off or in the daylight, the lamp remains a ornamental show piece in your room.

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