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ReALIze : A ‘green’ tribute to Muhammed Ali


Michael Kalish has realized his dream of re-creating a portrait image of the heavyweight boxing icon Muhammed Ali out of 1,300 recycled punching bags! Michael took three long years and 1,300 punching bags, 2,500 lb worth aluminum pipe and stainless steel cable measuring 6.5 miles.

ali 2

Michael Kalish is known for creating masterpieces out of waste such as license plates and the concept of this unique piece of art requiring punching bags came from a dream he had. The concept seemed largely impossible at first, so he took the services of Oyler Wu – an architectural company to help in putting his ideas to paper i.e. designing the mammoth structure.

ali 3

The punching bags are arranged upon curved and interlocking pipes and are sus[pended in midair like raindrops. It actually looks interesting to see the punching bags hang down – much like a boxing thunderstorm. However, if you look at the 22 feet high structure from the right angle then you can see a striking portrait of the legendary Muhammed Ali – truly a great homage to a great boxer! This architectural marvel looks even more astounding because it is constructed out of recycled material.

ali 4

This amazing piece of art – realize – will be unveiled on the 25th of March, 2011 at the Nokia Plaza and Muhammed Ali himself will hang the final punching bag on the masterpiece before showcasing it to the world! This tribute is certainly a ‘green’ one for an evergreen boxing champ.

Via: Wired