Why you really should have an organic lawn

It is always a good idea to have a lush, organic lawn to go with your landscaping. Many these days build their personalized organic lawns, simply because it can offer a lot of benefits. Following are some healthy benefits of having an organic lawn in your house.

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Enhances the beauty of your house

It is found that many homemakers consider and budget having a yard in their house. However, yard and lawn are different, since the former is simply a vacant outdoor place while lawn is a place where you can plant your favorite flowers or fruits. Yard is more of a play ground for kids, a place for your pet, a place where you can enjoy campfire with your loved one. Meanwhile, a garden is a place that needs extra attention and less of such physical disturbance. It is always advised to shell out that extra budget on a green and colorful lawn rather than a barren yard.

Healthy option

Organic lawns can be developed without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals. Hence, it is safe for kids and pets. Inorganic lawns however might be poisonous to the birds or bees as well as your pets such as cats or dogs. Moreover, overexposure to chemical pesticides used in maintaining the health of the lawn can cause problems to the health of the family member. It can also need to skin irritations or respiratory problems in the long run. After a certain round of regular pesticides, the soil might also become barren.

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A well maintained lawn does not need any chemical input

If a lawn has the perfect balance of sunlight, water and soil then, it does not need any extra chemical agent for its healthy growth. A complete knowledge about how to grow a healthy lawn can make you understand that maintaining a lawn is a cyclic process and needs a certain mechanism that needs to be followed regularly. The right amount of organic nutrients and the right amount of watering can help you grow a perfectly healthy and organic lawn.

Keeps the environment clean

A healthy chemical free lawn reduces the greenhouse gas emission by 10%. Imagine the reduction in these greenhouse gases if every lawn owner thinks of an organic lawn outside his house. Lawns that use fertilizers or chemicals require mowing continuously, which increases the amount of water required every time. Imagine the amount of water wasted, since an inorganic lawn needs mowing 25 times a year.

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Easy on the pocket

With no money spent on costly chemical pesticides, fertilizers and chemical spray, the cost of building and maintaining an organic lawn becomes minimal. Moreover, you spend less on both the fuel needed for the mower or other apparatus as well as the water needed for the inorganic lawn.


Organic lawns are not only good for your health since they keep pollution away but also look lovely and an integral beautiful part of your house.

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