Reasons why lower income houses are green

In this modern day world, man is running short of his existing natural resources and sustainable use of these scarce resources has become the chief matter of concern. However, the houses where the things are followed through a pre decided budget due to less income, without even realizing are helping towards creating a sustainable environment. Explore this article to know more.


The lower income houses try to use their resources considerably within a budget. Thus, they avoid wastage of whatever they have and also try to preserve it. Here are some reasons why these houses are already following the Green culture.

A common concern about such houses is the high utility bills. These families try to make as much use of natural daylight and try to avoid use of electricity required for artificial lighting. With the energy efficient bulbs becoming easily available, these families use energy resources efficiently and use them less.

The air conditioner of the lower income houses comprises of two simple things – a fan and some ice cubes. You can have an air – conditioner like feel by placing salted ice in front of a fan. A plate placed under the bowl will prevent damage to your furniture by the condensed water droplets.

Many people even in cities nowadays have realized the importance of plants in saving our planet. As a result, many people are in an attempt to cultivate at least some of their own plants.  This will reduce the grocery bills and at the save time protect the Earth. The techniques such as composting will also help to maintain the fertility of the soil.

Cleaning is the most important aspect for any home. When it comes to lower income houses, this becomes even more important where daily use ingredients like those that baking soda can be used to clean some items. This is a sustainable and safe way to clean your home. You can also make various multipurpose cleaners by using commonly found house hold products as well as substitutes of popular products for example Febreeze.

If you want to refresh your house with fresh scents fruits can provide you with a natural aroma, which eliminates the use of harmful chemicals.

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