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Rechargeable LED lightglobe shines even during power outage

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Goodness of energy-efficient illumination, tinge of greenness of LED and brightness of a green torch is what the latest the rechargeable light globe by Chinese company Magic Bulb promises. Now this is what I can innovation. This new kind of device uses a battery and LED lightbulb to give us a light globe that can illuminate our dwelling for good three hours even when the power fails. This energy-efficient light source consumes only 4 watts but produces the equivalent light of a traditional 50W globe. The recently patented green globe was on exhibit in the China section of IFA in Berlin this week.

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The Magic Bulb is truly magical as one can easily turn it into a bright torch by simply screwing it out of its socket and extending the handle. Designed to meet terms with the international standards, this ingenious product not only Promises a life of 20,000 hours, but also saves over 70 percent of the power used by an equivalent brightness 50W filament globe. Paying between $30 and $40 to keep your house dazzling even when electricity is down isn’t too much a price or is it?

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Via: Gizmag

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