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Reclaimed wood furniture

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Reduce, reuse, recycle are the most popular go-green watchwords of the day and creativity is somehow attached to these paragons. Reclaiming or reusing an object especially wood is very popular among people who are eco conscious and the benefits are more than just green. Reclaimed wood and furniture made out of it has its own unique character. It has a radically distinctive antique look and is tough as well. Moreover it is more affordable than furniture made from new wood. Founded in 2009, Redefine Home is a socially and environmentally conscious company that offers elegant furniture pieces made out of reclaimed wood.

Redefine home is an architectural firm that works with local artists and other small companies to create unique furniture designs out of reclaimed and sustainable materials. Wood reclamation does not refer to buying and repairing antiques or the sale of furniture that is second hand. It actually refers to the use of old wood in the manufacturing process. In a sense, the reclaimed wood is reborn and Redefine Home has done exactly this while creating their products.

The farmhouse bench (picture on top) is one of its kind with a perfect shape, size and storage space. The reclaimed wood adds to the beauty of the product. The other design is the church pew (picture below) made of slatted wood with a simple style. These benches are great pieces that will definitely spark conversation wherever placed.
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