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Recyclable camera and tourist guide rolled into one

Disposable Digital Camera

This amazing disposable camera is the brainchild of Joshua McKean – an Industrial Design student. A first look at this camera and you would not know that this tourist guidebook actually has a camera concealed inside it – a perfect tool for any tourist that can be used and then easily recycled.

Digital technology is at its peak and this is the reason why it has become extremely affordable giving rise to mushrooming of digital-based devices. This particular disposable camera caters to the tourist population who normally buy brochures and tourist guidebooks for any city or place they visit. The design has an additional camera feature, which makes it a 2-in-1 steal! This entire package is encased inside a cardboard (thermoformed fiber molded pulp) case that is essentially recyclable and the tourist handbook is attached onto this case.

The camera can be brought from any local information center or tourist outlet and can be returned after the photos are printed. Since the camera ensemble is recyclable – the parts can be separated wherein some can be recycled whereas the electronic components can be reused. A brilliant way to capture ‘green’ pictures!

Via: Cargo Collective