Recycle those tires into beautiful household products

Car owners always end up throwing the old and worn out tires in trash. Well, they may not have much use for your car, but the tires are quite sturdy and can be used for several things. Following are some simple ideas to help you re-design the tires to make them new.

Recycled Old tires Swing


Old tires can be used to make swings for your kids. You will need only three things to make the tire swing. These include a drill, wrench and ladder. U-bolts need to be drilled into the tires and tightened using the wrench. Once the rope is attached to the tire, it can be tied to the tree or the hook using a ladder.

Recycled Old tires Flower planter

Flower planter

Old tires can be used to make flower planters. The materials needed are and old tire, spray paint, potting soil, flowers, weed barrier, chain and S-hook. The procedure to make the flower planter is as follows:

Wash the tire clean. Apply 2-3 coats of the spray paint and wait until it dries. Drill holes into the tire, and cover its bottom with fabric weed barrier. The flower planter is now ready to be used in a wall-mounted position.

Recycled Old tires_Ottoman

Make an Ottoman

Old tires can be used to make an ottoman for your house. Here is a basic method to make it.  You would need an old tire, bags of rope and glue stick. Simply stick the rope around the clean tire using the glue stick. Your ottoman is ready to use! You would just need a plywood top and a round bottom to give it the final finishing and stability. This is one way of making it. You can use materials as per your preferences.

Recycled Old tires chair

Make a chair

To make a chair out of your old tire you would need two tires, wood pallets, drill, stapler, sponge and fabric. You initially need to drill the holes inside one tire and use the stapler to attach the sponge. Secondly, staple a piece of fabric to the bottom of the tire. This bottom will be used to rest the chair on the floor. Later drill the holes in the palettes and attach them to the tire in a position of the back of your chair. Attach the second tire to the first and cover the whole structure with fabric.

Recycled Old tire as bed for pet

Something cute for your pet

You can use the old tires to make a bed for your pet. Simply shove in the mattress inside the hollow part of the tire and let your pet feel the comfort.


Old tires can be recycled and used in different ways. They can be decorated and used as furniture, children play tools, or garden decorations.

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