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Five things we don’t mostly recycle


With the rising consciousness among the present generation towards conservation of nature and protection of the invaluable natural resources, a movement has started to conserve things that one might generally discard after use. A logical makeover turns these things into products that are really functional. There are individual efforts or companies that work professionally in this regard or team of people who really take the concept of recycling things seriously and create magic out of garbage by investing a little innovation and know how. But there are things that have been overlooked so far.

Although the reason remains unknown, but it is really surprising to know that when things more trivial than these or those which look really impossible to recycle are been actually given a makeover, why are some of the most common things that we come across in our modern lives, overlooked? Let us have a look at five such things that cannot be or has not been recycled so far and in the process let us try to detect the possible cause behind this.

1. Toothbrush


One of the most important things that you need the first thing in the morning is a toothbrush. It has a hygienically made plastic body and nylon bristles. Although toothbrush is literally the first thing you use to start the day, but you hardly use it after three months, at least that is what dentists recommend. There are some who use a toothbrush for even a lesser duration than this too. But ultimately it is thrown away and a new one is bought.

The discarded toothbrushes get dumped and ultimately point out towards overflowing landfills. There has been little or almost no effort in trying to recycle toothbrushes, although a little imagination might have made a thrown away toothbrush transform into something really functional. The reason may be because the very thought of using one’s used toothbrush makes us feel awkward and unhygienic, no matter how stringent the pre-recycling treatment had been.

2. Eyeglasses


An important thing that protects our eyes against the strong sun rays from hitting our eyes and making us almost blindfolded on a strong, sunny day is an eyeglass. Eyeglasses change with the change of style and trend. So what do you do when an old eye glass becomes really wretched and unfit for use or a part of your favorite pair of eyeglasses crack so badly that it becomes irreparable?

You probably throw it away in the landfills. There has not been any effort yet to recycle eyeglasses. The reason might be the odd shape of the object, which is best suited for the eyes and nothing else as such. Another reason might be people cannot rule out the probabilities of spreading of eye related infections if a contaminated pair is reused by another person.

3. Cell phones


Each time there is a new model in the market and your existing cellphone stops working properly, you generally look out for the most latest one that will suit your pocket. But what happens to the one that our have been using lately? If it is still working, you either give it to your children for using or plan to resale it. But if it totally becomes nonfunctional then the only destination of your cell phones is the dusty, unaccessed corner of your cupboard. After some time it is finally thrown out of our house and gets deposited in the landfills.

Nothing much has been thought about recycling old cellphones. The reason might be because no question arises regarding reusing the battery as it emits harmful radioactive elements. So, it is always better to discard it in the proper way. Excluding the battery, there is hardly anything that remains in the cellphone, worth experimenting. The disposed away case and the keypad can only become a kid toy, nothing more than that.

4. Crayons


Crayons are probably the best companions of your kid. A box of colorful wax crayons help your kid in putting color to his or her imagination. But repetitive use makes the crayons smaller and smaller. After a time they become so small that holding them with fingers becomes impossible.

Moreover, keeping crayons unused for quite sometimes might even make them so dry that they become nonfunctional. Thus, the final destination of such crayons become garbage bins and landfills. Nobody has given it a thought to recycle crayons, although the reason behind it is quite unknown.

5. Clothes


One of the most irritating problems in every house in maybe overfilling wardrobe. Each time a new dress is bought and some old ones are discarded, they get dumped inside the wardrobe. Some people give away their used clothes while others do not consider it a humane effort to gift away something that is already used. Although some used clothes are used as swab in restaurants, factories and garages, but it is wise not to reuse them as they aggravate the chances of diseases like herpes, contact dermatitis, etc.