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Recycled and found material become inspirational pieces of art

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Taking inspiration from stonework on ancient Mayan pyramids and collections of rocks along the trail of the Appalachian Mountains, a Hillsborough artist creates artwork that is truly inspirational. Judd Jason Mandell started his new business of designing environmental artwork using recycled and found materials in October. Judd Jason Artistry has seen a variety of creations made by assembling recycled material, concrete, stone, plaster, paper and other found stuff.

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A sight you would get to see at his house in Hillsborough is a huge hummingbird drinking from a bright pink flower, granite-encrusted trees lined up along the wall behind the fireplace, and a tree made using plaster, twisted paper and bright paint in the corner of his son’s room. Mandell’s 21 years’ experience as a professional landscaper helped him design the hummingbird piece that won him an honorable mention at an art show in New Brunswick.

Now the artist is thinking bigger, he plans to sustainable duplexes on the property where his warehouse resides. He made sure his children learned to love their environment and encouraged them to contribute in their own little way. He charges $1,200 for a tree coat rack and $4,100 for a butterfly sculpture. Out of his earnings, he donates 2% to Hillsborough schools and also spends at least two days a year volunteering at those schools.

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