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Recycled Art: 10 products made from recycled aluminum cans

products made from recycled aluminum cans

With the millennials becoming more and more eco-conscious day by day, recycling is set to remain in trends for a long time. Recycling things at home, in particular, not only makes us use our waste products, furthermore, it also makes us aware of how much we waste every day. This definitely helps us ultimately helps in making us more aware and mindful of our lives. Therefore, recycling at home is more than just an activity, it is a lifestyle. It is something we should feel proud of. In fact, by making art using recycled aluminum cans, designers from all around the world are making an eco-friendly statement.

10 Products made from recycled aluminum cans

The ubiquitous aluminum has many applications beyond packaging. Thanks to the innovation of some artists who know just how to reuse something that is perhaps nothing more than a waste product. It is a unique raw material which has many expressions of creativity.

There is not just one, difficult to fathom, use, there are a plenty. Here are a few for people to read and wonder just how could that be!

1. Aluminum can bag


Ever imagined that the seemingly useless aluminum can tabs could be reused. Most of us would prefer to discard the used aluminum can tabs. Elegant bags can be crafted by artists using these can tabs. Now, this is something that can sure make heads turn.

2. Houses constructed by cans


Even those of us with the wildest of imagination would find it hard to imagine that aluminum cans, post their use, can give shape to and adorn a place of dwelling. These cans, just the way these are or after being cut into specific shapes can bring alive the outdoors as well as the interiors. All that is needed is a creative eye and the will to do something extraordinary out of things assumed to be ordinary.

3. Aluminum can art

Can art

Art is often known to be awe-inspiring and beyond what people can think of. Many a time it creates magic that is spell binding and goes way ahead of the bounds of people’s realm of thoughts and belief. Aluminum can art takes us into a landscape of creativity, which is beyond our imagination.

4. Underwear made from aluminum can


In a bid to exhibit that nothing is beyond imagination, artists have gone a step ahead and brought to people something that is creative but amusing nonetheless. Not meant for actual usage, but just an extension of what art can churn out, coming to astonish people is, ahem, lingerie given shape to out of cans that find no use but a place in the waste bags.

5. Aluminum can boat


Thousands of used cans can be put together to create a boat. Now, this thing finds practical use and can very well be an article of amusement at a museum. So, it is not just recycling that is apt for cans which is available in plenty once the contents have been relished.

6. Mustang made by cans


Now, this one is really meant for exhibition. Taking creativity to another level, this sure packs a punch. You cannot help but marvel at the breath taking sight of a Mustang replica crafted out of emptied beer cans.

7. Aluminum can sandals


It is no secret how much women love their stilettos. No surprise then that apart from the other unbelievable uses, aluminum cans have been used in crafting and bedecking of stilettos. These may not be the most comfortable for women to wear and flaunt, but it is an instance of a craftsman’s creative juices flowing and coming up with something extraordinarily pleasing.

8. Bike made by aluminum cans


For people who love to show off their prized possessions, the bikes, here’s something more. What about a bike bedecked with beer cans? This may not be the most breath taking of sights but nonetheless unusual.

9. Beer can robot


Robots are machines that are meant to automate tasks and to leave us room for using our energies elsewhere. What if these machines did not require a lot of investment but could be crafted out of cans meant for recycling? This would be economical and of course, would make life easier.

10. Surfboard made of beer cans

Surf board

If boats could be embellished using waste cans, could surfboards be far behind? This is not meant just for a visual treat. It is the only Surfboard of its kind, which consists of 72 beer cans.

So, next time you see a waste aluminum can lying about, you would realize that it has many applications.

8 – Important objects that are super easy to recycle

1. Aluminum cans

recycle cans

If you have empty juice or soda cans, then you should know that these aluminum cans are very easily recyclable. Recycling them is also quite energy-efficient, as turning them into new cans requires around 95% less energy as compared to making new cans from scratch. In addition, it is important to get these items recycled, as aluminum items are fully recyclable and for multiple times.

2. Plastic bottles

Young man holding a bag of plastic bottles for recycling

Most of this item goes into landfills, which is highly damaging to our environment. To put a break on this, we all need to consider the recycling of plastic bottles. While it is a priority item that needs recycling, it is also an item whose recycling is easiest. Turning plastic bottles into new products takes almost two-thirds less energy than manufacturing new plastic products.

3. Steel products

auto parts

Steel cans, utensils, auto parts and appliances are also easy to recycle like aluminum cans. There is also no compromise to the quality of steel when it is recycled repeatedly. It is also quite important to recycle steel items, as this process saves a huge amount of energy that can be used to power millions of homes.

4. Newspaper

Recycle Newspapers

This important item piles up the dump every day. While it can be very simply recycled, people do not bother to place a garbage bin in their homes and collect waste paper for recycling. This is what should exactly be done to conserve many natural resources and energy. Newspaper and other scrap paper is a must-recycle item if we really care for our environment.

5. Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard

This item makes up a huge portion of the total solid waste collected throughout the year. However, a majority of corrugated cardboard waste comes from non-residential and commercial sources. Thus, it is a great initiative to think about the recycling of cardboard that goes waste in your offices and workplaces.

6. Glass containers

Glass containers

It can be interesting to know that if you recycle a single glass container, then you can give energy to run a 100-watt light bulb for about four hours. Imagine the amount of energy we can provide if we all can save our used glass containers and get them recycled. It is not just easy to recycle glass, but is also very friendly for the environment. Recycled glass creates around 50% less water pollution and 20% less air pollution.

7. Computers

e-Waste Recycling (2)

While you may donate working computers to those who need it, you can get non-working computers easily recycled in a recycling center. The recycling of computers also saves their valuable and usable parts.

8. Kitchen appliances

 recycling centers

Kitchen appliances can also be given to recycling centers where they can easily be turned into useful objects. This works greatly in favor of our environment.

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