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Recycled artworks by young environmentalists exhibited at ExplorationWorks


ExplorationWorks became the platform for young environmentalist to exhibit their creativity and art. The individual projects along with class projects by little students were out on display last week. For the project, kids from Smith Elementary made use of pop cans, newspapers and cardboard to learn about recycling along with color theory. After they learnt the magic of recycling, they put it into work to create beautiful pieces of art.


Students from Primary-school Montessori transformed magazines into petals for pop-out flowers, while brown paper bag were converted to stems and bottle caps behaved as a center to the flowers. Kindergartners made flower trellises out of cereal boxes. Making fish mosaics made from magazines was the innovative idea of the first-graders and third-graders thought of making fish and bugs from sliced up soda cans. 7-year-old Twins Anja and Brynja Severtson created pictures of birds on tree branches using magazine pictures and brown paper bags. A great way to enhance eco-learning and transforming little kids into young environmentalists.



Via: Helenair