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Recycled cloud pavilion makes for a light freestanding structure

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New York City-based outfit NAMELESS has won the design award for 2010 BSA Un built Architecture Awards for their art pavilion, Play cloud. The sustainable pavilion has been specifically designed for Governors Island, situated around 800 yards away from Manhattan, with an aim to raise public awareness about the island.

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The artificial cloud pavilion would consist of an inflatable structure and simple, lightweight recycled yarn sourced from New York City’s prosperous garment district. The ellipsoid balloon cloud would be filled with helium gas. The floating cloud would reach a maximum height of 55 feet and be tied to the ground using 1800 yarns. The pavilion would change depending on weather conditions. It would move horizontally according to wind condition and rise or fall depending on current temperature and pressure. People too can interact with inflatable structure which changes the air pressure, thereby causing the structure to gently sway.

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What makes the Play Cloud sustainable is the absence of a thick foundation for the light freestanding structure. Also, the temporary pavilion will not cause any harm to the historic site conditions. The transportation and storage volume of the material is also minimal and can easily fit into a 3.2 cubic foot box.

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