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Recycled crate creations you’d love to know about

by DrPrem Jagyasi


The use of crates is one way in which products can be transported from place to another. Although they may be expensive, these crates can easily be recycled and made into new boxes or used for other purposes. These crates are highly durable and waterproof just like plastic boxes.

Along these lines, there are several stunning creations which have evolved through recycled crates. In fact, it is said that there are seven stunning houses which have been constructed by just using recycled shipping crates along with used beer and milk crates as the basic materials. One may ask what benefit is there in creating such houses rather than the traditional types. Humble objects like crates are eco-friendly products as well as cost-effective. As such, these items do not pose as an environmental threat.

In line with coming up with creations using recycled cranes, a project ‘Crate Man’ took over the streets in Melbourne. In the name of street art, a towering figure has been constructed using milk crates. These milk crates have been artistically positioned so that they can be viewed even from freeways and railway tracks.

Likewise, there is a crate house in Castleford in UK, which has been made from bottle crates and hoisted on the top of shipping containers. There is a Boxel Pavilion which has been constructed in Detmold in Germany. Created by architectural students, recycled beer crates were used to create a practical space that could be used for events on campus and gatherings.


The living pavilion in Governor’s Island in New York has been made using recycled old milk crates. These crates were then used as a growing surface for an edible garden. This structure allows solar energy to penetrate, thus allowing enough sunlight to enter as well as providing shade to a range of vegetables and plants.

In Brussels, recycled beer crates were used to construct what is known as Pavillon du Bonheur Provisoire. If these were not impressive enough, you will be amazed by the Pallet House present in cities like Grenoble, Vienna, Linz and Venice. As the name suggests, these Pallet Houses have been constructed from recycled shipping pallets. The Pallet House is not only energy efficient, it is also very affordable and serves as a good solution to providing low-income housing.


Not just homes or street art, recycled crates can also be used for making furniture at home. For instance, wooden shipping crates can be used to make a bookshelf so that you have extra storage space for your books and magazines. Apart from this, the crates can be up cycled to form coffee tables or sitting areas. With some imagination, you can very well be part of the group that is conscious of its environment.