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Recycled glass jewelry as eco friendly, stylish accessories

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Jewelry is special for every women be it gold, silver or glass jewelry. However, how new glass is made is not very eco friendly. At the beginning, compounds are grinded and crushed, causing many acids and chemicals to go into the air as well as nearby ground water.


After that, the mixtures are melted at very high temperature inside the furnaces resulting in large emission of pollutants into the air such as nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide. This all tells us that it is better to use recycled glass jewelry as much as possible to help save the environment.


Advantage of glass

The advantage we have with glass is that it is very recyclable and can be turned into anything we want. If a ton on glass is recycled, we are saving same amount of raw material, which is required for making new glass, by using recycled glass we ensure that this does not happen. Additionally, it requires about forty percent less energy to recycle glass a compared to making new.


Recycled Glass Jewelry

In fashion industry, glass jewelry has its own place and recycled glass can be turned into wonderful items. Everything starting from windows to dishes and bottles are recycled and turned into cullets. After which artists cut such glass and assemble in the form of a design before it is fired in a klin to make a unique wearable art piece. Some artists save of fuel energy and utilize large magnifying glasses to focus light from Sun to melt glass and form various designs.


Types of Recycled Glass Jewelry

Artists use different processes and kinds of recycled glass for making jewelry designs. Let us look at some of them here:

Brand Glass Jewelry: Here an artist makes use of branded bottles of wine or beer to create different types of jewelry.

Sea Glass Jewelry: This is a very different type of jewelry making concept where a natural process is mimicked. The glass is first cut into different pieces and then using an artificial environment these glasses are sand tumbled to provide actual sea glass appearance.


Fused Glass Jewelry: In this technique, different textured and colored recycled glasses are melted to create unique glass jewelry pieces.

Drop Glass Jewelry: Here with the help of heat the recycled glass is melted so that it transforms into a droplet.

Iridized Glass Jewelry: In this method, the glass is treated using metal salts to get the rainbow effect.

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