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Recycled jeans to help save water and the planet

Environment-friendly jeans

Renowned poet William Wordsworth once wrote, “Child is the father of man,” since a grown up can learn a lot from their kids. This idiom was personified in the case of George Powell, the founder of REUSE jeans. It was Powell’s three-year old son who once candidly asked him why human beings can’t reuse everything under the sun to save resources and save the planet. This innocent question made an indelible impression in the heart of George Powell who was in the profession of manufacturing jeans for various American brands. After giving it a thought Powell started making recycled jeans from jeans waste and thus an avant-garde trend in the world of denim wear, REUSE jeans, was born.

Every jeans which you wear requires around 3,200 gallons of water during its making. The figure may seem to be exaggerated at first, but the details behind the figure will leave you pained instead of surprised. Basically, jeans is made up of two pounds of cotton. One pound of cotton takes 1,600 gallons of water and hence a pair of brand new jeans costs nothing less than 3200 gallons of water. Powell further talked about the grim statistics that every year twelve-and-a-half tons of waste is churned by the textile industry and 23% of soot in Los Angeles comes from the trash burnt in China.

Pained and at the same time motivated by this calculation, Powell decided to produce REUSE jeans, which is an acronym of “Recycle. Environment. You. Save. Earth.” REUSE jeans uses soft opening yarns which are used in making fresh denims. These are respunned and 80% of this respunned yarn, 18% of virgin cotton and around 2% of spandex are combined to make a pair of brand new REUSE jeans. Denim scraps, waste yarns, recycled cotton and raw cotton go into making this recycled denim.

Powell now sells the REUSE jeans through 350 stores in entire USA. To spread his message further and make people aware of the cause, Powell has also opened his own retail store. His retail store is located in 1020 South Coast Highway. The store is again a perfect example of appropriate use of recycled products. The interiors of the store are adorned with bamboo wood and a sustainable paint and the dressing room curtains are made from recycled fabric. Customers get their jeans in a recycled denim bag instead of plastic bags. They get their alterations done within 15 minutes and need not come again to pick their stuff, thereby reducing unnecessary consumption of fuel. The guests are welcomed with a glass of water, served in plastic cups made from corn.

REUSE jeans will soon be launched in various colors and is already available for men and women in different patterns. So now you know where to head for your next denim purchase. Happy Shopping!!!

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