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Recycled magazines used to create beautiful pieces of jewelry

Ann Wells' Jewelry

When you look at the old magazines lying around in your home, do you see the possibility of beautiful jewelries in them? Probably not. However, Ann Wells did not just see old magazines; she saw some potential in these pages, a possibility of making beautiful jewelries out of these graphics, pictures, and typefaces used in the magazine.

Ann Wells, based in Birmingham, is the woman who uses old and recycled magazines to create jewelry. This probably was not something that she had decided she would do. While she was recycling magazines at work, she realized that the pages could be used for making jewelries. She first made a bracelet with some of these pages and received a very good response from it. Friends, local sellers, and publications took interest in her jewelry and started selling it. Thus, making jewelry out of discards became a second career for her.

The quality of her jewelry has gradually improved over the past years and she has made more than hundreds of pieces of beautiful jewelry till date. More than twenty coats of glue are used to keep together the pieces used in the making of the jewelry. The tedious process involves coating of one side, drying it and then moving on to the next coat. Moreover, Ann also has to sand them to get that extra smoothness. Once the coating is done, the jewelry is sealed using two coats of varnish. For making necklaces wearable even on reverse sides, she takes extra care so that both the sides look completely different.

Her recycled jewelry is not only limited to magazines, but she also makes use of records to make new types of earrings and other such stuffs. Apart from her jewelry being beautiful, she also displays her crafts in a unique manner. Used objects like pottery, matchbooks, recycled business cards, and records are put to display her jewelries. Quite unusual but definitely very green! Ann is surely a great inspiration for all of us to look for different possibilities in the waste and discarded material lying around us.

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