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Recycled materials transformed into a shiny Steampunk Gun

Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun

If you are fanaticized by the image you have just seen, I am not going to blame you for it. This is a Steampunk build Sub-Machine Gun made out of recycled materials. The artist is Neil Morrison. Although he is not an expert in Steampunk job, yet has come up with a very interesting piece of work as is visible here. This fine piece of art describes the smart way in which waste and recyclable materials can go to produce an art form.

Just to let you know, Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history and speculative fiction pertaining to the 19th century where steam power had been widely used. Neil has gained the inspiration for making his gun after seeing many images of Steampunk work online. He preferred the idea of using materials from his garage instead of going with the commonly used pressure gauge. The sophisticated look has been given out of some very ordinary items incorporated cleverly by the designer. He has used a telescope, some valves, a vintage blowtorch, door knocker, brass light fittings, threaded rod, leather, candlestick holders, brass tubing, some parts of his computer, nuts and bolts .These are all recyclable materials. So, no expensive and bothering tools for Neil! These raw materials are easy to be located in the house and Neil has successfully segregated them into his piece of art.

The invention of Neil’s gun has been appreciated so much that he has even started working on his next assignment which he is yet to disclose (although he has hinted on something on similar line). We can expect another delightful surprise from him soon.

He has provided many images of his Steampunk Gun which can be viewed at the gallery. He had been excited throughout the making of his gun and his words describe the excitement which read:

“I’m all for some constructive criticism! I’m even more of a novice on firearms than I am on Steampunk – it was all pretty much a ‘throw it together and see what comes out the other end’ type of project. If I ever get to the day that I install an operating firing system on it, I’ll be sure to keep my eye well away from where it was in the photo – maybe I could fire it off the hip – old school Gangster style!”

Neil describes his gun to be “loosely based on a Sterling Sub-Machine Gun and has a little bit of Star Wars thrown in for good measure”. He has included whatever components he came across in his search found to be eligible enough for the gun while kept many more in reserve for his upcoming projects.

Works like that displayed by Neil are only to name one among the list of many. People like him enjoy transforming their imagination into art and that too with so little inputs as those used in Neil’s Steampunk Gun. I am sure the young school boys would now be after their parents (fathers, get ready with your tools) to get something designed for them (although it may not be as flawless as the gun is).

Via: Neilshy