Recycled metal art: Old metal parts transformed into exquisite artworks

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Kinetic sculptor Andrew Smith gives an innovative and meaningful transformation to old trash. He creates amazing steampunks and vintage accessories using old materials like scrap metal and machine parts. Whether it’s the beautiful sunflower, the jewelry tree or steam, all of them come as environment savior. These handcrafted recycled artworks will throw new life into your dwellings.

The designer

Andrew Smith, a kinetic sculptor who finds beauty in old junk has created exquisite vintage accessories and steampunks using recycled materials. A resident of Lehi, Utah, Smith makes his living sculpting figures from scrap metal and machine parts.

The material

These material living sculpting figures are so amazing that it’s hard to believe that they are all fashioned from recycled materials. The accessories and steampunks are made from scrap metal and machine parts. You can see materials like wheels, gumball machines, stoves, bolts, screws, old gears and equipment transforming into one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

The creation

Andrew Smith’s artworks include accessories and steampunks that are hand crafted and welded by the artist. The Burton Milk bottle Flower is made from screws and scissors, while the shinny sunflower is crafted from a stove. The Suspended Animation functioning as either a fish bowl or a candy bowl features a chain, a glass bowl, gears and a meter. The other artworks made from recycle materials include the “Father Time”, the Large Sunflower, the Small Jewelry Tree, the Awl or Nothin, the Time Share etc.

The aesthetic

These intricate sculptures made from old trash show us the way to go green. The accessories and steampunks are made from scrap metal and machine parts exemplify innovation and creativity. These aesthetically appealing pieces of art give new life to waste materials. Recycling diverted unwanted materials from landfills, saving the environment from getting polluted. These intricate artworks are just perfect to adorn any dwelling.

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