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Recycled Motherboards act as a canvas for Joe Dragt

Motherboards Canvas Art

What will you do if someone asks you to recycle 30 odd computers? I guess it will prove to be a difficult task, which will spin your mind like never before. Now, ask an artist the same question and you will be surprised to see the number of options he/she comes up with. Joe Dragt, an artist from Arizona, has converted thrown away motherboards into a canvas that he uses to paint beautiful pictures.

The idea struck his mind while he was at his job place. These salvaged motherboards were cheaper as compared to a conventional canvas. He has cleverly blended the circuits with the background of his paintings. The unique background gives his creations an attractive appeal, which in turn fetches a lot of appreciation. The artist unscrews every single component of the computer with utmost care. But, it’s the motherboard that makes his thoughts fly high. All other bits and pieces that come out of the computer are further sent for recycling.

Artists have been blessed with a magic wand that even converts waste into tasteful art forms. Joe Dragt’s paintings are exceptional and eco-friendly. He has made an ingenious effort to bring down heaps of waste that can otherwise harm our surroundings. So, if you are planning to do away with your old computer, it’s time you give it another thought.

Via: Odditycentral