Recycled oil barrel cabinets

recycled oil barrel cabinets

Awareness about safe environment is growing fast. The researchers and designers world over are busy finding ways through their innovations to save the world from harmful environmental pollution. Use of recycled oil barrels is a step in this direction. It is a token of commitment to keep the world green.

Oil barrels are discarded in millions every day. Despite the knowledge that they can be recycled, the traces of oil do harm to the people who use them. But the recycled barrel as a storage cabinet will not do any harm. Designed by Lockengloet team of designers, the recycled oil barrel is stylish and a useful cabinet to store your items and at the same time saves you from ill effects of oil traces. The recycled oil barrel cabinets are available in different colors. You can choose one that goes with the interior of your house for 350 Euros.

Via: iGreenspot

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