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Seven recycled paper plate projects for kids

paper  snowman

One of the most inexpensive craft items which you can find around you quite easily are the paper plates. These paper plates can be used creatively to design and create several beautiful and versatile items at a dirt cheap price. All you need is some imagination, a pair of scissor, markers of different and glue and you can come up with beautiful craft materials. These paper plates can be used to create things which can be used as decorative materials in your homes. Crafting beautiful items from paper plates is an easy task and you can do it quite comfortably in your home.

Here is the list of seven recycled paper plate projects for kids

1. Mask

Paper  mask

Creating masks of different shapes and sizes using paper plates is not a tough task. Most of the kids love to create masks and you can encourage your children to make beautiful masks using inexpensive paper plates. The kids should be allowed to use their imagination skills to decorate the masks which they have created using paper plates. These masks can be decorated using colorful crayons or markers. The more creative kids can make the masks more attractive by adding hair or a beard to the mask using yarn or thick threads. The eyes of the mask can be created by cutting the holes in them using scissors. Attach elastic or string on the two sides of the mask so that it can hold to the head of the child.

2. Angel

paper  angel

Creating an angel from paper plates is an easy task but you will require some guidance and instruction to complete this task successfully. The first step in creating an angel is that you need to cut a large triangle from the paper plate. Make sure that the bottom edge is left rounded and fluted as the bottom edge will form the angel’s body and gown. The two side pieces that you cut off from the paper plate are reattached, one on each side, to form the wings that we see in Angel’s body. Attach a round circle to the triangle’s point to form the head of the angel. Use some glitter to decorate your paper plate angel. The glitter will add to the beauty of angel and make it sparkle.

3. Flowers

Paper  flower

One of the most popular craft items created using the paper plates are large flowers. Ask your kids to add color to the curved edges of the paper plate as these edges can be modified to form the colorful petals of the flower. Add a different color to the center of the paper plate and stick a smiley face on it to make it more attractive. Use scissor to make cuts around the plate. The cuts will make the ‘petals’ deep. Use a dowel to attach the head of the flower. You can also attach the flower’s head to an inexpensive wooden ruler. Flowers created using paper plates are very popular and many schools across the world teach children the art to create flower using inexpensive flower plates.

4. Snowman

paper  snowman

The 3-tiered snowman is an attractive decorative item which is quite popular and is loved by children across the world. Paper plates can be used to create the snowman at home by spending very little money. You need one large and one medium sized plate to create a 3-tiered snowman in your home. The head of the snowman can be created using either a bowl or a small plate. Cotton balls are added to the large and medium sized plates. You can also add cotton balls around the rim of the snowman’s face. The buttons and eyes of the 3-tiered snowman can be created using chocolate chips or pieces of licorice. Some people also use coal to create the buttons and eyes.

5. Bear

paper bear

Creating a bear made of paper plate is an easy task and you can do this at your home. All you need is one small and one big paper plate. Besides the two plates, you need some construction paper to design the paper plate bear. The body of the bear is created using the large plate and the head can be created using the small plate. You simply need to attach the small plate to the top. Construction paper is used to create ears, arms and legs of the bear. After cutting the ears, legs and arms from the construction paper, attach them to the body and head of the bear. Use color markers to draw nose, eyes and a mouth.

6. Kitty

Paper  cat

A paper plate kitty face can be created by cutting a chunk from the plate’s top using a scissor. Use color markers to draw pink triangles in the kitty’s ears. Draw kitty’s nose in the middle of the plate. The whiskers of the kitty are drawn using e a black crayon.

7. Turkey

paper turkey

You can guide your kids to create Turkey using paper plates for Thanksgiving. Different patterns of turkey are available on the internet with some also detailing the steps needed to create the turkey. You can use color paper plates and colors to make the turkey more attractive and colorful.