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Recycled plastic-made rainflower makes raindrops potable

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While addressing a decent gathering at the Urban Water Seminar in University of California, Berkeley, Mark Anderson from Anderson Anderson Architecture proposed to build an enormous plastic rain flower from plastic water bottles, sugared beverage containers, and other scrap plastic constructions that could be used for capturing and purifying rainwater. Later, the concept was realized with the creation of EnormousPlasticRainFlower.

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The team stitched plastic waste together with screw-top cap bolts and layered it as translucent, crystalline pistils and petals. When it rains, the raindrops pass through corded plastic stems of tuberous filtration drawing to threaded, clinging roots. The passersby could use the sweet rainwater, thus collected, to slake their thirst. The huge flower could also provide shade to people.

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Via: AndersonAndersonArchitecture